About us

Realisea is a symphonic rockband founded by Silhouette frontman Brian de Graeve

original picture by Sam Holt

Brian on vocals, 12-string guitar & additional keyboards
Marjolein on vocals & flute
Christophe Rapenne on keyboards
Rindert Bul on guitars
Jos Uffing on drums & vocals
Mark op ten Berg on bass guitar

Realisea is an alternative symphonic rock project with folky influences, formed around Brian de Graeve, frontman and founder of Dutch neo-prog band Silhouette. 

Along with singer Marjolein, he wrote a series of highly melodic, sometimes folky, progressive rock songs which they’ve recorded over the years as they invited many friends and guest musicians along the way. Their first album featured artists like Michel st-Père (Mystery, Huis), Erik Laan (Silhouette, Chain Reaktor), Simon Rogers (Also Eden), Aldo Adema (Egdon Heath), Sophie Zaaijer (Cesair, Sunfire), Jean Pageau (Mystery) and Bart Laan (SkyLake, Chain Reaktor).

Their long awaited debut album ‘Mantelpeace’ appeared in April 2020 and was received with great enthusiasm by both national and international music press. A glimpse of the positive reviews: 

“Spine-chilling solos, gorgeous melodies and inventive compositions” …

“A high quality album in so many aspects” -DPRP Magazine

“Heavenly vocals, very harmonious, warm and moving at times” – Rock Castle Franken

“This Dutch group can affect the listener in an almost enchanting, mesmerizing way” – White Room Reviews

During their concerts in 2020 Realisea were joined by Rindert Bul (Novatia) and Mark op ten Berg (Progressive Rock Night) several times. This was so successful that they both have decided to join Realisea permanently. In 2021 the current lineup was completed by Jos Uffing, former drummer and vocalist of Silhouette. The band has now grown into a steady group of six musicians.

The band are currently in the stage of finalizing their second album titled ‘Fairly Carefree’ which will be released on OOB Records in the fall of 2022. Very excited to start collaborating with Kathy Keller, this album will showcase new melodic and progressive rock anthems with Pink Floyd-worthy guitar solos, dreamy keyboard textures and dark(er) song-based writing.